The Latte Rorschach Art Project: Coffee with a friend

This week’s images come courtesy of my longtime friend and colleague Maeve Haldane. (And yes, this is the Maeve for whom the Scrabble term “The Maeve” is named.)

Maeve suggested that rather than “latte blots” I call these images “blottes.” I hesitate to cross streams with The Flatte Project, but really, “blotte” is just too good to pass up.

As always, look deep into these cups, say what you see in the comments, and feel free to send me your own blotte creations.

Blotte 1


Blotte 2


Blotte 3


Blotte 4

(So you don’t have to scroll up and down, here are thumbnails of the four blottes for this week):

Blottes 1-4

Please tell me what you see in these images in the comments field below.