The Virtual World Postcard Project: The trouble with text chat

To illustrate the limitations of text-based chat among more than two people, I offer a transcript from a bar in Second Life, where about a dozen denizens had congregated:

[08:03] Brandon Laurent: Hi Emmie 🙂

[08:03] Emmie Fairymeadow: hey Ro

[08:03] Casey Brouwer: hi Roisin

[08:03] Roisin Ballyhoo: Hi Emmie

[08:03] Roisin Ballyhoo: Hey casey

[08:03] TawnyGale: Hi Rois

[08:04] Roisin Ballyhoo: Hi Tawny

[08:04] Kerry Gerhadsen: Hi Roisin

[08:04] Roisin Ballyhoo: Hey Kerry

[08:04] Jane: Hi Brandon

[08:04] Emmie Fairymeadow: soooo Jane i went to make dinner last night and half the stuff i thought i had was gone LOL

[08:04] Emmie Fairymeadow: hi LaD

[08:04] Jane: I am fine Ghost, and how are you

[08:04] Emmie Fairymeadow: hi Chuck

[08:04] Chuck: Hi gang!

[08:04] Kerry Gerhadsen: Hi LaD x

[08:04] LaD Loves Chuck: hi emmie, nina, saus, wimnston

[08:04] Kerry Gerhadsen: Hi Tawny

[08:04] Jane: who ate it Emmie?

[08:04] TawnyGale: well that sux Emmie

[08:05] TawnyGale: Hi Kerry

[08:05] TawnyGale: Hi Casey

[08:05] TawnyGale: Hi Nina

[08:05] GhostPriest: I’m good thanks

[08:05] GhostPriest: I enjoying the music

[08:05] TawnyGale: Hi Saus

[08:05] Emmie Fairymeadow: my son wasnt happy he loves when i make spagetti

[08:05] TawnyGale: Hi LaD

[08:05] Winston P: Hi.

[08:05] Emmie Fairymeadow: lol

[08:05] LaD Loves Chuck: hi twny, kerry, casey, dobe

[08:05] Jane: Hi Sis

[08:05] Casey Brouwer: hi LaD :-))

[08:05] Chuck: Hiyas Dobes!

[08:05] LaD Loves Chuck: hi sis jane

[08:05] Chuck: CASE!!!!!!!!

[08:05] Chuck: HUGZZZ!

[08:05] Doberman Bayn: hi LaDonna

[08:05] Doberman Bayn: hey Chuckie

[08:05] Sausage CalamitySausage Calamity waves at the new arrivals

[08:05] Chuck: Hey Saus!

[08:05] Sausage CalamitySausage Calamity waves at the new arrivals

[08:05] Chuck: Hi Kerry!!!!!

[08:06] Chuck: Nina!!

[08:06] Jane: Hi Roisin

[08:06] Chuck: Hi!!!

[08:06] Nina Bean: Hey CHuckie

[08:06] Roisin Ballyhoo: Hey Jane!

[08:06] LaD Loves Chuck: hi rasp

[08:07] Roisin BallyhooRoisin Ballyhoo looks out the window and frowns

[08:07] TawnyGale: brb