The Rorschach Latte Art Project: Blotte diem

I’m stirring in my own interpretations of this week’s blottes to get the ball rolling. Don’t let my reading colour your own, though: Every human-blotte interaction is unique.

Blotte 1

I got this cup at The Gabardine, a Toronto bistro with a grilled cheese sandwich whose deliciousness I think about for days after it’s gone. I see a woodpecker drilling into an ancient tree. The tree has a gnarled face showing a mix of wisdom and chagrin. (I was dining alone, so I had some time to stare at my cup.)

Blotte 2

This one was sent to me by journalist and all-around smart, funny person Kathy Vey. To me, it looks like an insect leg placed under a microscope. Fuzzy and creepy. And yet, it’s coffee, so it’s still appealing.

Blotte 3

This one looks like the moon reflected in rippling water near some sort of funky marina, all viewed from above. It comes from a cafe called Crema, whose coffee has a nice little hint of caramelization – not too rich, but just enough to set it apart from the norm. Crema has become my destination of choice when I want someone else to pull my espresso. (Bonus trivia: This yummy-looking drink is actually a flatte! Don’t you just want to go order one now?)

Blotte 4

Two words: Starship Enterprise.

Once again, for your convenience, here are thumbnails of this week’s blottes. As always, look deep into these cups, say what you see in the comments, and feel free to send me your own blotte creations.